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HUMAX Networks Solutions

Wi-Fi Sensing

A NEW way
to use Wi-Fi smarter
“Wi-Fi Sensing”

Wi-Fi Sensing is a technology that detects the movement of moving objects in the house using existing Wi-Fi devices. Wi-Fi sensing systems can recognize the environment and identify the location and movement of objects.

Based on the data learned through machine learning, HUMAX Networks has secured the technology to recognize the closest real human movement to motion sensing.

How To Use

Parents Care

You can take care of your parents who live alone. When your parents are not moving, you can receive an alarm.

Child Care

You can check whether your child got home safely. You will receive a notification when your child has returned home.

Hotel Service

Hotel housekeepers need to clean rooms every morning. They can check whether guests are still in their rooms without having to visit them.

Mobile App

Monitoring Your Motion

View information about movements in your home in real time.
via the mobile app.


Set your alarm conditions on the mobile app, and receive motion & silence detection notification that match your conditions.

HUMAX Networks tests in various real environments through various products,
and we are advancing the technology of our solution by analyzing motion data
that is closer to the actual movement. If you are interested in a
product or solution, please contact us.

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