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Self-motivation and proactive growth A culture of ownership and responsibility.

01 Implementation of a "titleless" hierarchy that provides equal growth opportunities

Rather than seniority and experience, we prioritize respect for the depth of roles and responsibilities. An egalitarian work environment rooted in mutual respect and consideration forms the foundation for our proactive growth.

02 Self-development programs
to help people invest in their passion

We believe that growth within one's role is a prerequisite for achieving results. We prioritize individual growth by contemplating ways to support the multifaceted development of job competencies required for role performance.

  • Self-leading Welfare points
  • External training/seminars, language training fees
03 Self-directed
responsibility work system

'"Proactiveness" is built on autonomy. We do not insist on uniform working hours. Through the operation of an optional working hour system, everyone can design their own working hours and strive for better results.

04 Self-care vacation

We let employees to plan their vacations without going through an approval process. Furthermore, in the spirit of promoting self-care and family relationships, we offer an additional 4-day family leave and tenure-based rest leave each year, on top of the statutory leave.

  • Self-approved leave
  • Family leave
  • Sabbatical leave
05 Our Integrity

We pursue autonomy while establishing agreed-upon standards, ensuring consistency. We clearly define codes of conduct, ways of working, and mutual norms from the perspectives of environmental management, safety and health, information security, ESG, etc., proactively preventing conflicts of interest and successfully achieving trusting relationships with our employees, customers, and partners.

Furthermore, as a member of the global community, we strive to identify and apply desirable practices within our working environment.

  • e
    • Providing tumblers to all employees with consideration for the environment
    • Introducing eco-friendly design structures to reduce plastic usage
    • Applying eco-friendly packaging materials for carbon neutrality
  • e
    • In-house café employing people with disabilities
    • Women & Equalities Committee
    • Wellness program for employees
  • e
    • Obtained and maintaining ISO certifications
    • Compliance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
Employee benefits
  • External trainings for professional skills development
  • Language training to improve participants' language proficiency
  • Welfare points for books and training (flexible)
  • Group accident insurance for employees and their families
  • Regular health checkups
  • Flu vaccinations
  • Use of the partnered gym for physical fitness
  • Welfare points for healthcare services (flexible)
  • Lunch/dinner meals
  • Reasonably priced beverages at the in-house café
  • External parking expense support
  • Tuition support for children
  • Use of the partnered daycare center
  • Monetary gift and leave for major life events (marriage, birth, death, etc.)
  • Gifts for newborns and CSAT-taking children
  • Welfare points for travel accommodations (flexible)
  • Accommodations
  • Family leave
  • Sabbatical leave
  • Birthday gift
  • Welfare points for shows and movie tickets (flexible)

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