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Hardware Reliability

Verification & Secure
Hardware Reliability

Lately, Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E have been bringing big changes to wireless networks everywhere. HUMAX Networks' Hardware R&D is trying to secure product stability and reliability through performance verification activities in six areas in a crowded place with a lot of Wi-Fi enabled devices.

From RF conduction performance to throughput performance, HUMAX Networks strives to improve the best Wi-Fi service quality and stability.

Performance Considerations

HUMAX Networks always pays attention to the performance changes in the following 3 parts when designing and developing hardware, considering the characteristics of Wi-Fi products that should be considered for performance degradation caused by interference from surrounding signals.

Coexistence with wireless
  • Evaluate the impact of the other strong radiated wireless signals (Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/Zigbee, etc) regarding sensitivity and performance
Noise Scan (Wi-Fi band)
  • Noise and spurious emissions in each antenna
  • Spectral analysis and tools for finding noise sources, such as PON/DDR/USB3.0/RGMII/PCIe
  • Isolate and shield the noise source
Coexistence with wired traffic
  • Evaluate the impact of continuous broadband traffic, continuous LAN traffic and continuous USB reading and writing on target interface sensitivity and performance

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