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HUMAX Networks Wins a Presidential Commendation at the Trade Day Ceremony
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  • Created2023.12.20
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HUMAX Networks has been recognized for its contribution to the expansion of the broadband gateway market and increasing exports. In addition to the Presidential Commendation, HUMAX Networks was also awarded the $200 Million Export Tower award at the 60th Trade Day ceremony.
Since its establishment in 2019, HUMAX Networks CEO Lee Seung-jae has been working to expand the broadband gateway market. Despite the challenging market conditions, the company has achieved success by building a diversified regional portfolio across the Americas, Japan, Thailand, Germany, and other countries and developing the technological capabilities necessary to meet the needs of each of its major customers: telecommunications operators.
Furthermore, HUMAX Networks completed the establishment of a European subsidiary in Germany in the second half of 2023 to lay the foundation for exporting network devices to European telecommunications operators, and it is also striving to develop new markets for broadband gateways in India and South America.
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