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HUMAX Networks Wins the $200 Million Export Tower Award on the 60th Trade Day
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  • Created2023.12.20
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HUMAX Networks announced that it had won the $200 Million Export Tower award at the 60th Trade Day commemoration event held in COEX on December 5. This achievement recognizes outstanding delivery performance in targeting major overseas telecommunications network operators in the US, Japan, and other countries, despite challenging trade conditions, such as supply chain disruptions and the rising prices of raw materials.
The broadband gateway industry is rapidly growing due to the expansion of 5G market investment; the resumption of UHC offering services, such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR); and increased investment in securing the infrastructure for high-quality services that require a large amount of bandwidth, such as 7th generation Wi-Fi. In this market environment, Humax Networks has built a diversified regional portfolio across the Americas, Japan, Thailand, Germany, and other regions, and it has developed the technological capabilities necessary to meet the needs of each of its major customers: telecommunications operators. Also, the company has set reasonable supply prices and is preparing for a significant technological leap by investing 8% of its total revenue in research and development.
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