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Global Player HUMAX Networks and Leading Tech Provider Kineton Join Forces to Revolutionize Home Entertainment and Networking
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  • Created2023.09.18
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HUMAX Networks, a global player in home networking devices, and Kineton, a leading technology solutions provider, are thrilled to announce their collaboration aimed at enhancing the home entertainment and connectivity experience for consumers. This collaboration brings together Kineton's expertise in software development and HUMAX Networks’ cutting-edge networking solutions to create a seamless integration between a TV app and router features, empowering users to control and manage their home network effortlessly.
In an era where smart homes are becoming increasingly prevalent, the need for streamlined control and management of home networks is paramount. HUMAX Networks and Kineton recognized this need and have taken a significant step forward by integrating router monitoring features into a TV app. This integration will enable users to access and control vital data related to their home network directly from their television, simplifying the user experience and making network management more intuitive.

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