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Connect with HUMAX Networks at the Network X Exhibition in Paris
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HUMAX Networks is thrilled to extend an exclusive invitation your way, inviting you to join us at the Network X Exhibition taking place in the dynamic city of Paris from October 24th to 26th. As pioneers in the industry, we're eagerly anticipating the chance to connect with you and delve into the latest trends that are shaping the future of media, entertainment, and technology.


Prepare to immerse yourself in the ethos of "Forging Connections for Tomorrow" at HUMAX Networks' Booth C27. We are poised to present an immersive encounter meticulously crafted to educate, inspire innovation, and foster engagement. Brace yourself to explore a realm of boundless possibilities as we showcase our versatile product lineups and Service SWs. Envision the avant-garde technology of Wi-Fi 7, the transformative potential of 5G FWA, the marvels of Wi-Fi Sensing, and the seamless entertainment experience of our TV App.


To secure your dedicated Meeting Slot at our booth, kindly inform us of your preferred date and time by reaching out to us at This is an invaluable opportunity to engage with our industry's experts, expand your network among peers, and glean precious insights into the future landscape of communication and entertainment.


The Network X Exhibition stands as a pivotal juncture, drawing together visionaries and professionals spanning the globe. Your participation will place you at the vanguard of innovation and collaboration, collectively shaping the contours of media, entertainment, and technology.


Anticipation builds as we eagerly await your presence at Booth C27 during the Network X Exhibition in Paris. Let's embark on this journey together, as we pave fresh avenues in this ever-evolving industry, all under the banner of "Forging Connections for Tomorrow." Brace yourself for an immersive, inspiring, and fruitful experience that is bound to make an indelible mark on your professional pursuits.

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